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Hi guys, I have been really busy lately and will probably be busy for a few weeks..
I have been devoting the vast majority of my time to coursework and dying X'D..inside X'D
I have sent my research paper off (finally) I have yet to find out whether or not it will definitely be published..the uni are very particular about what and what they won't publish..If there is a comma or a column that is not right it may not be's that strict..;0..I am pretty worried about it actually..but I suppose it's not the end of the world if it isn't published, just knowing that my work is at a standard where it can be published makes me feel that I'm being acknowledged for what I can do :3 though it would be nice to get it published..^^;
I feel so fed up and tired now, I feel like I've been working for weeks on end.. ^^;..I've not been feeling any less anxious either..I've actually been going to the uni's gym to try to help with it(and my weight lol)..which I've been enjoying but I still feel extremely anxious half of the time..I suppose that's just the way I am most of the time XD I so wish I wasn't like that though...
But I'm getting there...^^; course tutor seems confident he'll see me at graduation..X'D Idk..I'll have to see how things turn out
and that's pretty much all I have to say for now. ^^;..
I hope you are all doing well :D ^_^
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XDD Happy Easter to everyone who sees this journal who celebrates easter :D :) I hope you are all well..
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Naruto and Jirayia finished painting by Fran48
My latest speedpaint video ;3
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Spoiler alert:
The new Boruto next generation series aired yesterday and omg...

This was literally my favourite part in the Boruto next gen opening..;w;..nostaligic feels ;w;..:( :cry: THEY'RE ALL SO GROWN UP ;W;..DAMN IT KAKASHI, YOU DON'T LOOK ANY OLDER XDD..
I want to re draw this..;3...:D...


Naruto's face...X'D

hahahaha omg XDD This was literally my favourite scene in the whole episode XD..XDD
Everyone's reactions were so amusing to see..XD..(I want to draw this bit too XD) lol
I just hope SP don't turn Boruto into Naruto jr though aside from this because this is the kind of thing Naruto would do when he was a lot younger XDDD ..I understand why he did this and later does other kinds of intentional pranks due to him with missing his dad and all but still...I also felt that it was unneccesary to mention that Hinata was scary when angry..That's really out of character for her..I mean don't get me wrong, I love Naruhina but I think SP are trying to draw parallels to Minakushi..Personally I think Naruto takes after Kushina more
Image result for "naruto angry" "gif"Image result for "naruto angry" "gif"Related image
and Hinata is the Minato to Naruto's Kushina side..though Hinata cares and worries about Naruto like Kushina did..and Hinata never was intimidating when angry about something,..but that's just what I think anyway..^^;

Despite that, I loved the interaction between Konohamaru and Boruto in this episode XDD

Kind of reminds me of how Naruto and Konohamaru were with each other when they first met and when they were both younger generally X'DD
Ahh nostaligia..;w;
(spoiler over)
Life is going on as usual..I am still really busy with uni stuff, I have been really stressed out, anxious and depressed but I'm just going to keep on plodding on with things and putting in as much work in to my university course as I can:3 .. I will try to create art when I can..and I'll see what happens from there :)..I still keep getting asked what I want to do after uni but I honestly do not know..I am kind of sick of being asked to be honest, it makes me feel even more stressed ^^;..I keep saying that I just want to get my course done first and foremost but I still keep getting asked about my future ;0.
I hope you are all doing well <33
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Hinata as Ladybug painting(yt link) by Fran48
  • Listening to: Crocodile Rock-Elton John
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Chat noir painting(yt link) by Fran48
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Naruto as Cat noir painting(yt link) by Fran48
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Video of me outlining this guy ;3 Outlined Chat (Cat) noir by Fran48-some how  this is showing as private on youtube but Idk why ;0
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Video of me outlining these pics ;3 Outlined Naruto as Chat (cat) noir by Fran48 Outlined Hinata as Ladybug by Fran48
  • Listening to: Sgt. Frog - Kurutto-Mawatte-Ikkaiten
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Does anyone have a clue of how to make an image show a different image when a mouse hovers over it and also make it link to another page?
I know it probably involves HTML and possibly CSS external style sheets and JavaScript ;0..I've been searching online to find an answer but I only found answers to one of the issues..;0 Why do coding solutions seem so hard to resolve??? Angered 

Sorry if this sounds harsh but please do not comment if you are unsure of what I'm talking about or are going to comment with something irrelevant from what I am saying..It really irritates me ^^;..
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  • Reading: Web code..I hate code..with a passion Dx
  • Watching: Just finished Miraculous Ladybug
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  • Eating: Chocolate lol I feel like Mello from death note
  • Drinking: Tea
  • Series I am currently up to date with :D
    •    Naruto/Naruto shippuden
    • Assassination classroom
    • Gravity falls
    • RWBY
    • D gray man English dubbed episodes
    • Soul eater
    • Vampire knight/Guilty
    • Black blood brothers
    • Death note
    • Pokemon dp
    • Free iwatobi swim club /Eternal summer
    • One punch man
    • Junjou romantic season 1 and 2
    • Mirai Nikki
    • Miraculous ladybug series 1
  • Legend of Avatar season 1
    Series I plan to watch if I haven't already  and/or get up to date with at some point :fingerscrossed: ^^;
  • Star wars Clone wars
  • Star wars rebels
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Yuri on Ice
  • Kill la kill
  • Sgt Frog
  • Attack on titan
  • Princess Tutu
  • Fairy tail
  • Black Butler
  • One piece
  • Junjou Romantica season 3
  • Blue Exorcist
  • Lucky star
  • K-on
  • Bleach
  • Uta no prince sama
  • Toyko mew mew/mew mew power
  • Code Geass
  • Danganronpa
  • Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
  • Grisaia no Kajitsu
  • Nisekoi
  • Hyouka
  • InuxBoku
  • Chuunibyou
  • Full metal Alchemist/Brotherhood
  • Gintama
  • Seraph of the end
  • Slam dunk 
  • Deadman wonderland
  • Ghost in the shell
  • Magica Madoka
  • Sailor Moon
  • Sword art online
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Claymore
  • the rest of d gray man and d gray man hallow
  • Full metal panic
  • Legend of Avatar season 2+
  • Legend of Korra
  • Voltron
  • Shirobako
  • Digimon series
  • Yugioh
  • haikyuu
  • Toyko Ghoul
There will be more added to this list/moved above as time goes on
Please feel free to suggest anime I could possibly watch and I'll add it to the list ;3 :D Please also in the same comment provide a description about what it is about..
*Take into consideration anyone who reads this that I am a very busy person and getting up to date with these or other anime is going to take a considerable amount of time ^^;..*

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Hi guys, still busy with uni..hopefully will upload something soon ;3..Naruto shippuden has finally ended;w; *cries*Naruto - Naruto Crying Icon naruto gif minato namikaze Heartbreak Icon ADJ - Himawari Cry naruto gif  kushina uzumaki naruto gif  Hashirama Senju ..;w;.. I had a crazy idea for an animation I could do to celebrate its awesomeness....Don't know if I actually will do it or will have the time to do it ^^' but I was thinking of making an animation of Naruto characters dancing to this song (ending 9) from Sgt Frog :D which is just awesome :D ;3 ;3..alternatively I was thinking of making a Naruto based drawing or literature piece to express my own feelings about the series as it means a lot to me ;3 What do you guys think? :)
  • Listening to: Sgt. Frog - Ribbit March (lit. Kero! & March!)
  • Reading: Word document words XD
  • Watching: Miraculous Ladybug+my santity go..XD
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  • Eating: Fish and chips
  • Drinking: Tea
Anyone who is not interested in Naruto should turn away now xD also this journal is full of spoilers XD
;w; which will be the Naruhina wedding ;w;/cries ;w;.

omg ;w;..Naruto looks so grown up and so handsome ;0..;w;...:la:axsdssdka\fjuwagskjasgjudxv *fangirls* :D :happybounce: :squee:..I hope SP do a reasonable job with this last ep..I also heard that this episode will be 1hr long ;0 omg I can't wait ;3 :D..I have to say , I haven't been very pleased with everything SP has done with the anime (like this particular arc, lessening the sasusaku in Sasuke Shinden..why couldn't they have stuck to the novels?? ;0..) but I am really going to miss this anime ;w;..a lot...I know the Boruto anime series will be out soon but I feel really sad that it's coming to an end now ;w;..I hope they show chapter 700..I know a lot of people will hate me for this but while that chapter had its flaws, it also had some bits I quite liked ;3..:D OH AND BORUTO  THE MOVIE HAS NOW ALSO BEEN DUBBED INTO ENGLISH ;3… DON'T REALLY LIKE BORUTO'S ENGLISH VOICE BUT I CAN LIVE WITH IT I SUPPOSE..;0/'s kind of wierd because boruto has a teenagey voice and Naruto still has his shippuden voice though a tiny bit lower xD i THINK THE OTHER VOICES ARE FINE THOUGH..;3 ;D...I heard rumours they were going to make a Naruto Boruto the movie 2..;0..don't know if that will happen though.
  • Listening to: Drawing song Sgt frog XD
  • Reading: Notes on what I have to do for uni..*cries*
  • Watching: Miraculous Ladybug+my santity go..XD
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  • Drinking: Tea
Hi guys :D I just saw this trailer for Boruto Next generations ;3 OMG this looks really good..though Naruto looks more miserable than he does in boruto the movie ;w;though he does look like he's concentrating on something rather than unhappy XD ^^;Dx..I hope it is going to be good..;w;..;0 :D.Probably won't be as good as the original series or Shippuden but I'm looking forward to it...:D :la: :D

Also I haven't yet watched Sgt Frog properly yet, but plan to, but this video definitely tells you a lot about the show in a short amount of time XD (also how to draw the frogs lol) especially the fact that the alien frogs in the show have very different personalities XD and are kind of crazy XD..I've learned stuff relating to personality related theory in my uni work XD and it made me think of this song XDDD lol

Random question for you guys...Which of the frogs based on this song do you think you're like personality wise? XD ;3..You don't have to answer if you don't want to XD If you do, please comment below XD
Personaly I think I'm like tamama..XD for certain reasons ..XD Tamama Eating Habit :icontamamarapefaceplz:^^;...but that's just my opinion though I do think I have a bit of Kururu in me too *inserts evil laugh here* Kululu Laugh Emote :D

Also have any of you seen /or are a fan of the series Miraculous Ladybug? Miraculous Ladybug - Chat Noir - Icon Happy Ladybug emoticon Ladybug/Marinette 'Funny'? Emoticons Miraculous Ladybug - Adrien - Icon  :3...I'd love to talk to you about it ;3..:D..I'm up to episode 8 now..<33
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  • Watching: Mirai Nikki and Star wars clone wars
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Hi guys, hope you are well.. I found out recently that my research paper which got a first on it , is actually eligible to be published :D..I just have to make like a 1000 changes to it XD and it should be ok.. XD It's about animation within education (I know, it sounds pretty boring aside from the animation bit XD) If I manage to get it published, I'll let you guys see it if you want, though I had to write it as if the person reading it knew what all the terminology and experiments talked about in it meant..^^;..So there may be some stuff in it that confuses you ..^^; XD or doesn't make sense..XD..and the english is quite complex
So :fingerscrossed: :D..

Still busy with uni but enjoying it, though getting more and more anxious as I'm coming closer to the coding stage of my product development unit..Dx..PHP, SQL and Mysql should be swear words or taboo words...I swear..they are so frustrating to use ;0..If I get a job, I will definitely try to avoid either of those programming languages..X'D :iconexcaliburplz:..The rest of my work is straightforward(ish)..though extremely time consuming..No where near as bad as last semester though, thank god..^^;..

Also, if you notice lately that my uploads are all digital based, It's because my house's scanner has just given up and will not work when plugged in...;w;.. me..I've there will be more ms paint art than paintings and sketches sadly ..which is a shame because I actually was hoping to get around to doing drawings of a naruhina fan manga (with reference to the original artist of course) for fun ;w;..but never mind..The only alternative is to use my camera and camcorder to take pics but it depends on the time of day with that strategy as the quality is greatly affected on a night..Dx..;0

I still don't know what I want to do with my life after uni but am still trying to focus on my course first and foremost..I have had people tell me I am capable of doing a PHD, one person saying I could run my own consultancy due to my specialized knowledge, one said I could write the content for web pages but honestly I don't know..I possibly could do all of those things;0..I really don't know which path to take..I'm still contemplating...I don't know if I've taken the right path to be honest..there are so many people on my course who are so much more talented technically than me..and i can't apply my theoretical knowledge very well..I can code a basic web page with HTML and CSS and some level of javascript..that's about it.. but I'll have to see how things turn out..
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Hi, I am honestly really sorry if anyone here or on my other social media feels that I don't contact them much/answer their replies very quickly. Please don't think I don't care..I really do..I love talking to people and care about those I consider my friends and followers ..I'm just really busy half of the time..I know a lot of you probably are reading this now and think that I say this about a million times in my journal entries..^^; but I just thought I'd reassure people again.. 

Also, If I say something that you felt offended by, I am honestly very sorry..I can be quite blunt at times and I don't mean to hurt people's feelings..If I ever do, I would feel terrible about it..;w;..
I also know I tend to rant a lot and write loads in my journals as lots comes out when I'm writing including complicated words..If there's anything I say that you don't quite understand-this could be computer terminology, a phrase I've used or anything..^^; please don't be afraid to ask what I mean..I honestly don't mind..:D

If I'm off d.a or take a while to reply to anything ..There could be different reasons for it.
-I'm busy with uni work
-I'm experiencing a technical problem(i.e internet problems , da won't let me log in etc.)
-I'm feeling so ill I can't think straight
-I'm really really worked up and upset and not thinking straight..If I did go on, I'd just be awful to talk to..I don't want to cause problems so I try to avoid going on my sites when I'm an emotional wreck..I don't want to embarrass myself..or say anything I might regret later...
-I'm on holiday without internet acess
-I'm at uni
-I'm in transit
-I'm out and about without internet access
-I haven't got enough time to go on d.a between assignments and revision
-I'm busy with something else..
-I'm spending time with my family
-Searching for info to show you something
-One of our messages is really long or I can't think how to respond
-Watching anime that uses up so much bandwidth that stops me having more than one tab open (depends on the computer I use)
-Working on art which I sometimes can't multitask while doing ^^; Kind of depends on what it is..
-Other..XD...This is when I can't think of anything that I've already said ^^;...XD

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Just a random journal ..This was literally me at uni all day today...(actually recently it's been like this a lot)

Why does it have to be so open plan..? The door of the building is pretty much always open (it's like an automatic door system) which brings in a draft..and today it was so bad;0..My house that is usually freezing I was actually looking forward to going back to because it is actually warmer than uni X'D
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I got exactly the same as what I got for my research proposal- 74%..which means I got a first for that overall too ;0 :D :la: Omg..I honestly thought I'd do crap or just scrape through it..My group was terrible and I hardly got anything written down that was appropriate because there was so little discussed that was relevant and there were communication I couldn't provide many examples of what I was supposed to talk about that related to the group..Dx..
But I'm really happy with that ;0 to finish my other modules :icondeterminationplz:
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Hi guys.. I have a lot of technical problems atm..My laptop decided to automatically update itself (yes it's windows 10 XD) and it's being stupid ..It won't run my Microsoft Applications (i.e word, powerpoint, excel, publisher etc) and is funny with showing the things you have open..Like if you click on the buttons at the bottom of the screen next to the menu it won't load them up on top of what you already have I have it in repair at uni atm and am just using my old (albeit slower) laptop to write this..and instagram's being weird too..;0 Have any of you had your art deleted..? It's not as if I post porn there or's deleted some of my images everytime I've uploaded something there..;0 Meh..At least d.a., tumblr, paigeeworld and wattpad work..:shrug: Hopefully my problems will be sorted out soon.:fingerscrossed:.Uni seems to be a lot more interesting and enjoyable than last semester.. which was so stressful..maybe it's because I'm used to it now :la: I've also been told that the modules I'm doing atm are more writing based so they will definitely play to my strengths ;3..Honestly, they cannot be as bad as Research or Database information systems for business..:iconexcaliburplz:...:fingerscrossed: I will also be (hopefully) given my result for Project Management tomorrow :fingerscrossed:..One of the project management accidentally let it slip to me (thinking I already knew) that I'd done well on it..XD.. Well, I'll have to wait and see..:D ^w^
*Spoiler alert for those who aren't up to date with Naruto.*
ALSO THE NARUHINA WEDDING EPISODES HAVE BEGAN <33 :iconnarutosmileplz: :iconmoehinata-plz:

*Spoiler alert over* *RWBY SPOILERS BEWARE*
I also got to the end of RWBY Volume 4 and omg..;0..It was so good ;0 ;w;.
I really hope Qrow will be ok..;0 ;w;..and Sun and Blake ;w;RWBY Gif - Blake 6  I really felt Blake got some good character development...;w;..;0 and the story's just getting more and more interesting ;w;.Blake's mom and dad also seem like really nice...Her dad may be a tad overprotective but you can tell he really cares about her..;w;.. I really feel sorry for Winter and Weiss having to grow up with their fatherWinter Schnee Icon 1 RWBY Gif - Weiss 4 ..he is really really horrible and selfish and controlling..No wonder Weiss was cold towards people in the first volume ;0..RWBY Gif - Weiss 2 and Winter ran away..So glad that Yang got back to her old self...;0 :D..I have a feeling she's going to be better and more badass than ever..:DRWBY Gif - Yang 3 
Anyway, whatever happens, I can't wait.;3 :la:
*Spoiler alert over*
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Hi guys, just to let you know I may be absent for a little while because of uni..Sorry if my replies are late..or if you don't have a lot of artwork updates from me..^^;..I don't want to have the same problem as last time..I don't want to get to the stage where I am near deadlines and realise I haven't understood the assignment ^^; I'm still awaiting my project management result, so I'll let you know about that..;3 (that is if you want to know lol)..If I get around to anything XD (which is difficult to say considering my weeks are completely jam packed with uni..and little room for much else..even more than last semester..) I have a huge list of anime to get the moment I'm watching star wars clone wars and hoping to move on to rebels..though clone wars itself has a lot of episodes..^^; also hoping to watch sgt frog..hence the latest fanart and new folder… X'D May watched subbed version instead of dubbed though because the dubbed ep I watched was really fast and I couldn't process what the characters were saying on top of the narration ^^;..
Also have paintings of  When a person has something they want to protect by Fran48and Karma AC by Fran48 completed just may need to tweak them and actually scan them when I get time..XD I will hopefully eventually submit them..;3
Will update you guys when I can ;3 My epilepsy meds have still been causing problems..Also I actually had a partial seizure a few days ago at lunch..My arm just jerked for a second..It probably happened because I had to decrease the medication due to the damn side effects I've had..I'm debating whether to come off the meds completely because of the side effects..especially the mood swings..but then I would have the issue of possibly having grand mal seizures..;0