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Pokeshipping Poster by XGBlue
by XGBlue

:) I have one word to describe this motivational poster - Adorable:3 :iconsokawaiiplz: I love how Ash and Misty were drawn..they may be Pikachu's in thi...

Welcome to DeviantART World by MacDoninri

Wow... This is an amazing piece of is extremely well detailed and impressive to look at. It is similar to 'Where's Wally' boo...

Fairy Tail Guild by LTrevill

This is my first critique so I hope its OK ^-^ Firstly, all the characters are very well detailed and it is very well drawn. It's very ...


These artists are awesome! Have a look at their work!^^



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My devianart story begins with my story of  how I started drawing..I didn't draw a lot when I was younger and when I did, I often got very frustrated and upset because I felt my drawings were rubbish...;w;..(Although it didn't help I was very impatient and bad tempered DX....and gave up on stuff a lot ^^;..)
Looking back now..XD...My artwork then was pretty bad...I used to draw people's necks really long...(like giraffes..XD) and the faces like circles..XD...^^'...
But I was good at writing imaginative stories then...and I once wrote a one about fairies....(which was really long...Sweating a little.......and went over several Microsoft word pages XD...^^' That side of me hasn't changed all....( ^^' try reading my ICT essays for college...most of them are over 1000 words X'D)
Around the ages of 9/10/11 I was really obsessed with Harry potter and the Lion King...(so obsessed that I watched them both all the time and memorized the entire lion king script X'D) so I drew a few comic pages and fanart of Harry Potter and drew art for all of the scenes of the first Lion King film :D (Big Grin) :3..and occasionally drew other things..XD
Lion King art from when I was 10-11 years old:3 by Fran48

After this time period, I went to secondary school...and for a few years I didn't draw very often at all...;w;..
I may have said this a few times to people here and in journals XD  Sweating a little.....But..I really really really hated it there(prepare yourselves for a rant XD)...(aside from the fact I made friends there La la la la) the standard of the level of work there was too low for me..I wanted to be challenged...I managed to complete work I was given there within 5 mins and the next piece they gave me..and so on...( additionally in my early days there I was bullied )...
I constantly felt frustrated and bored and angry... (but most of the time I bottled my anger inside...;w; :iconcryforeverplz: )
Additionally, most of the staff there did not and were not willing to understand me as a person and all I wanted was to be acknowledged academically......they were also really disorganized..Both myself and my parents pleaded for me to have more challenging work...the school said they would....THE LIARS! :iconangerplz:...they didn't..
As the years went on, I became more and more frustrated about this..but there was nothing I could do about it...I thought to myself...there must be something I can do to both challenge myself and entertain myself in my many moments of boredom...
One day, I saw a good friend of mine drawing pokemon :D (Big Grin) :iconzander-the-artist: and I decided I would try drawing, as I hadn't done it for ages and It would keep me busy...^^ and I haven't stopped since :XD:
it was during that year that I became a fan of anime and friend 
:icondanman20000100: Daniel told me about pokemon and I watched Pokemon dp for the first time ,played the Pokemon games for the first time;3 and read my first manga, Vampire Knight <3. I learnt about other anime series from Daniel and my other friends :D (Big Grin)...thank you guys <333 Love Tight Hug
My artwork then...was still pretty rubbish..^^' especially in the area of anatomy...I drew characters' eyes too far apart and the faces of the characters' faces were still round....^^' 
The school later finally decided to offer some courses which were suitable for me accidemically....and amongst a few other courses..(including GCSEs) I did an art course there while I was teaching myself to draw(which I completed in my final year at that school)....however...the teacher wasn't pleased that I specialized in anime and manga...and tried to get me to do a variety of stuff..(which is understandable..^^) however..he was a bit of a strange one himself....^^' and not that good a teacher... and despite my efforts with creating art for the course and the written work and research I did.....I only achieved an E....which was really disapointing.....and upset me..a lot ;w;... (as I'd flown through the other courses I'd done(apart from Maths...but that's another story XD))
This showed me that I had a long way to go with art......;w;..but that I should keep working at areas I was weak in...:icondeterminationplz:
And now for the story of how I joined d.a..:la:
The year I was going to leave school, My friend Daniel (having seen my artwork and seen me draw XD) told me about d.a...
I was unsure about joining at first...having heard about problems people had had online with sites like Facebook....

I had a look at this site to see what it was like...then I made the decision to join in March 2012 :) (Smile)....and I've never turned back since La la la la :happybounce: :) (Smile)
This was my first deviantation <3
My first deviantation by Fran48
That year I started using microsoft paint and started making my first digital drawings for deviantart using Microsoft paint :D (I had used ms paint before this...but now I was using it on a daily basis:la:) I also created my group :iconashsinfernapefans: at that time, learnt to create chibis, make stamps and icons, and later in that year created Post sinnoh and got into Naruto and Naruto shippuden <3
2012 Art Summary Fran48 ^^ by Fran48
That year I also left that school....*shudders* and started at the Bede college in September and began my two year BTEC level 3 ICT course..which I loved <3333 :D Sadly, the two years of the course are over now...;w;..(But I'm going on to do a HND this I hope the course will be  just as enjoyable ^^)
That year I started to use a graphics tablet (that I got for xmas 2012), art academy 3DS and marker pens for my art :3 and also learnt how to use flash(and made flash videos-like the preview of Sibling… (which I have yet to finish ^^; ), learnt how to make journal skins, drew some animal pieces and created my ocs Renji My Oc Side View by Fran48 and his master Kakiyama :3Quick Kakiyama sketch by Fran48
(both Ocs were designed for my fan manga post sinnoh ;3)
I also joined youtube that year and made videos for my account there :D and I also made  tumblr and fanfiction accounts :3 and also did some photography..:3 I also attended my first anime con that year-Sunnycon 2 <3
2013 Art Summary- Fran48 by Fran48
This year..I've continued to use the same materials and resources I used the previous years..but I've also learnt how to record my drawings in ms paint (Thanks to my friend Ame-chan :iconkoikii: ) and turn them into Speedpaint videos <333 :la:..I've also started drawing disney fanart and used mechanical pencils in my traditional art more too..:3 and also used apps on my tablet to draw as well <3
Some of my works from this year :3(These are ordered from latest to later XD)
Captains Hitsugaya,Kyoraku+ Kurotsuchi :3 by Fran48
NaruHina Bleach crossover-Captains Uzumaki +Hyuga by Fran48
Kisuke Urahara by Fran48
Sprited away-Chihiro X Haku by Fran48
Mako-Kill la kill :3 by Fran48
Butterfly on plant XD by Fran48
Toshiro Hitsugaya- This light I see:3 by Fran48
SasuSaku 685 by Fran48
Naruto Uzumaki- I want to surpass the hokages by Fran48
Frozen-Sven :3 by Fran48Ichigo Kurosaki-Determination by Fran48
Reggie and Paul- Day and Night.. by Fran48
Just bleach.. by Fran48
642Even if Ninjutsu doesn't work.. by Fran48
615 NaruHina by Fran48
Hoenn  StartersWhich one will you choose?:3 by Fran48
Heavens Door-Itachi and Minato-sama :3 by Fran48
Rin Kagamine- Vocaloid by Fran48
ANBU black op Kakashi and Minato-sama :3 by Fran48
Older Simba :3 by Fran48
Team Minato avatar :3 by Fran48
Naruto and Inari..who we used to be by Fran48
Ichigo + Rukia :D Memories in the rain by Fran48
Naruto 673- Sasuke and Naruto's new powers by Fran48
Nico Robin-My real life by Fran48
Black Rock Shooter by Fran48
Tablet drawing Haku :3 by Fran48
Blood prison-The importance of ties to others:3 by Fran48
NaruHina School uniform and glasses by Fran48
Ichigo with long hair by Fran48Father and Son-Sage Mode:3 by Fran48
Muku :D Blood Prison :D by Fran48
Valentines Day-MinaKushi by Fran48L death note by Fran48
and here's a meme, basically showing my art through the years :3
Artwork Improvement meme 2002-2014:) by Fran48
I am really grateful to my friend Daniel for telling me about this site, as not only has it helped me to improve my art and open my mind to ideas and has also allowed me to meet amazing people who are accepting and friendly and have helped me and inspired me to improve my has also helped me open up more  and develop friendships..:3
I want to say a huge thank you to my watchers and my friends here, as you have all helped me grow as a hobbyist manga artist and gave me the strength and determination to continue creating art :D..and when I've felt depressed or worried about something..I know I could talk to one of you guys and you'd make me feel better :3 <333 so thanks :iconhappytearsplz:
and now for some mentions..heehee :giggle: <3
:iconcarressas-stuff: :D You're a really sweet and really friendly and you're always very nice and kind to me <3 your cosplay pics are amazing've come a long way with your art from when I first watched on your original account ^^ Keep up the good work :tighthug:
Miku Hastune by Carressas-stuff
:icon4thminatonamikaze: ^-^ Minato you're a really nice person and great to talk to :3 and your art is really cool :D I especially love your pics of Minato-sama and linearts ;3
Lovely Hug by 4thminatonamikaze
:icongh0stw01f: Chet, you're a really cool person <3 and awesome friend ^w^ :D
and your wolf art is amazing :3
.:G:. What 'R' You Lookin' At? by GH0STW01F
Ame-chan :la: :tighthug: you are a really kind, caring person and an awesome friend <333 and I love our naruto  discussions  XD :la: :tighthug: :D..and you're always there for me when I need you <3333333
and your art is beautiful to look at omg :0..:D (especially your naruto pieces)
Hinata Hyuga by Koikii
:icondango117: You're a really friendly person and great and interesting to talk to :D...:3  and your traditional art pieces are really cool ;3
jack Noir by dango117
:icon1rockgirl121: You're a really friendly and caring person :D and I really enjoy talking to you :3
Really love your traditional art <3333 
A Infernape for Fran48! by 1RockGirl121
:icongyanna13: you're a really nice person and very friendly :D...and you love itachi :la: :3
Your anime pieces are amazing and colourful <3333
Minato Sage ^^ by gyanna13
:iconaanimefan: :D ^^ You're a really friendly person :3 and I enjoy our naruto discussions :D :3 and your submissions so far are really cool ;3
Beta by AAnimeFAN
:iconyoneyu: you're always really nice and friendly to me and I enjoying chatting to you here <3 ^^ You are an amazing artist and your art is really colourful and detailed and your shading is awesome <33333 :D.:Ryuuko:. by yoneyu

:iconbayleef10: :D you're a really nice and friendly person and you like pokemon too :la: :D..^^ Your art has improved from when I first started watching you :3 I love your pokemon pieces :D 
Pokemon Girls by Bayleef10-especially this one <33
keep up the good work <3
:iconbaby-darkchain: Hyuu-chan <333 you're a really awesome and friendly person <333 :tighthug: :D <333 I love talking to you <333 I love your art is very unique in style and beautiful <3
Under The Spring by Baby-Darkchain
:iconnaokomayumi: Nao-chan <33 I love talking to you....:3..,you're a very friendly person <3 and I really love doing roleplays with you <3 and your fanfics are awesome <3
Tainted HeartsChapter 1: The Story Begins
Sinnoh is a vast region filled with many types of Pokémon, places, and people. Many wild Pokémon live on land, in dense forests, under water, up on high mountains, even within dark caves. People and Pokémon coincide with each other by working, playing, or training together. A Pokémon Trainer catches multiple Pokémon in order to take the Sinnoh League challenge. They travel to Pokémon Gyms to challenge their Gym Leaders and, if successful, they receive a Gym Badge for their victory. Once they've collected all eight badges, they are eligible to enter the Sinnoh League, home of the Lily of the Valley Conference where trainers have a chance to challenge the Elite Four and possibly battle the Champion.
Our story, however, begins on the eastern side of Mt. Coronet within Hearthome City, the very center of the Sinnoh Region. It was a warm summer day, the perfect day to start an adventure. Our young heroine, Erica, was busy sleeping the day away and completely aware

:iconcushla10: you have a good sense of humour XD and are a really friendly person and great to talk to :3 :D :tighthug: your traditional art is awesome <3
Skull + Rose by cushla10
:iconmadamerobelina: Robin <333 :iconluffysmileplz: You are a really sweet and friendly person <3 :D :3 and really nice too X3 ^^ I really love talking to you (especially about one piece and frozen <3 XD) 
Your cosplays are really cool :3 and I love your art ;3<333
My version of Miku by MadameRobelina
:iconcacah05: Cacha :3 I really love talking to you :3 and you're a really friendly and nice person and your art has improved loads from when I first started watching you<3333
I'm here for you by Cacah05
:iconenyakiba: :3 Kiba-chan <333 you're a really friendly, funny and kind friend :D ^^ and your traditional art and cosplay is awesome <3
Kiba Inuzuka cosplay by EnyaKiba
:iconemodetectiveespada: :3 <333 you're a very sweet and friendly person and really nice to talk to :3 (especially about anime <3) your art style is really cute <3
Potter Fangirl by EmoDetectiveEspada
:iconhaleyathegreat: you are really friendly, have a good sense of humour and are a good friend <333
I love your naruto art ;3
Naruto! by HaleyATheGreat
:iconjustinedown: :3 Jo-bro :3...XD You're a really funny person XD , good to talk to ;3 and a good friend XD :3 :)
I love your drawings..they are just :iconawesomefaceplz: :3 (especially your deidara pieces XD)
Deidara wip by JustineDown 
:iconcountryshiba: you are are a really friendly and nice person and your art is just amazing <3333333333333..Your animations are incredible.., I love your pokemon ledgends comic and  your oc Danny :3
Sketch Request #2 by CountryShiba
:iconmaha-xx: You're a really sweet, friendly :3 and nice person <333 and you're a very talented artist <3
WIN request!!: Which one(s) is made out of makeup? by maha-xx
:iconmayuwolf: Mayu-chan <3 :D you're an amazing friend,:tighthug: and very kind and friendly <333
and your wolf art is amazing <333
/vent/ look what you've done by MayuWolf
:iconmojojo1984: Bro..I really enjoy talking to you ;3 :D and you're a really friendly person <3
your art is really good :D ^^ and your ocs are really cool ;3
SCOOBY-DOO by mojojo1984
:iconnarufro93: Chris :3 you're a really cool guy :3, and really friendly :3 and I enjoy our naruto conversations :3
Your art style is really awesome <3333 and it keeps improving in each deviantation you submit ^-^ :iconnarutosmileplz:
Matoi Ryuko: Kamui Senketsu (Done) by NARUFRO93
:iconinaruutard: Sara-chan <33333 you're so niceeeeeeeeeee <3333 and friendly ;3 and (most importantly XD)  a fellow Minato-sama fangirl <3333 :D I love our obsessive talks about Minato-sama XD and I love your pieces here too:3
Minato LinerArt + Colored by iNaruutard
:iconpom-lover424: Rikki :3 :D you're a really friendly and funny person and great to talk to...and a great friend ;3 :D :) :tighthug: I really enjoy our talks about Ambipom and Infernape and pokemon in general <333
and I like your ape drawings ;3
Rikki the Ambisol by Pom-Lover424
:iconkasumiketchum: Jessica-chan <333 you're really really friendly <3333and kind <3333 and a great friend...I love talking to you about anime :D :3 :tighthug: and your art style is sooooo cute <3333
Secret Santa Picture by KasumiKetchum
:iconsasusakumad: You're a really friendly and nice person and a great friend <3333 :D and I really love talking to you <33333 :D...^^ :3 and I love our talks about naruto and other anime ;3...Your drawing has honestly really improved since I first started watching you...keep on drawing :D and doing your best <3
Kero from CardCaptors!!! by SasuSakuMAD
:icondonnatron: :D you're a really good friend and nice to talk to...I may not have said this(being very shy ^^' and very socially awkward)..but I was really happy and pleased to meet you at Sunnycon <33333 :tighthug: :D :3
I love your cartoon style of art <33 it's awesome :3
I'm running out of titles, but here's more N. by donnatron
:iconshakuganotaku: You're a really nice and friendly person :D and was really happy to meet you at Sunnycon (even though I didn't say very much ...being very shy and socially akward ^^; XD ) Your art is really colourful and awesome to look at :3
Olaf likes warm hugs by ShakuganOtaku
:iconsaoriklaeid9870: ^^ I really enjoy talking to you (especially about anime XD)  and you're very nice and sweet <3333 ^-^ <3 and your art style is really colourful and cute <3
Why are you staring at me? (redraw) by SaoriKlaeid9870
:iconflashinx: you've got a good sense of humour XD and you're friendly and nice to me <33 and your art style is really cute <33
Kennnyyy by Flashinx
:iconsakura4568: :D ^^ you're really nice to me and friendly too <333 :D and yay you like Itachi <3

and I like your submissions here <3(especially your poetry)

:iconmiyatoriaka: you're one of my idols here <333 and you're such a sweet, modest and friendly person <333 :3 and I loved your faith comic (it really inspired me) and your pokeshipping art <33333333
Pokeshipping-Doodle - Mika-StepWithMe by MiyaToriaka
:iconchloeredwolf: Ame-chan introduced me to you, Chloe and I'm glad I'm your are really nice to me, friendly, kind and you're there for me when I need you <3333 :D ^^ and have a good sense of humour too XD :3
Your art is really awesome <333 I love the detail in it :3
Sai's Super Beast drawings by CHLOERedWolf
:iconshinjistar: :D Shinji, I'm really glad to have you as a friend ^_^
you are funny, very sarcastic xD ,really nice to me ,a very loyal friend:D ^^ and you're a Paul shinji fangirl  too :la: :XD: heehee
:D and your art is really amazing and incredible...;0....
Gintoki ((happy 10th anniversary gintama)) by shinjistar
:iconsuixere: you're a really sweet and kind person <333 :D ^^ :3 and you put up with my ranting ^^; XDDDD 
and you're a really nice and accepting person :3 and your art style is beautiful <3333
Naruto: Taken Over by Suixere
:iconblue-fayt: you're a really friendly and nice person <333 :D it was really nice to meet you at sunnycon :3..I know I'm a very quiet person..^^'...But I was really happy to see you there <3333..your art style is unusual and colourful and I love it <3333 it's awesome :3
Frozen: Anna by Blue-Fayt
:iconunovawishful: Juna <333 you're a really friendly and cheerful person :3 :D and really nice to me..I love our talks about Pokemon :3 and I'm so happy I'm your friend here :3 :tighthug:
Your literature works are amazing :3

:iconleafyloo: you're a really good friend and nice person to talk to and really kind and friendly and your art style is soooo kawaii ^-^
Celebi by leafyloo
:iconvulpixi-misa: :3 you're a really cool person and really nice <3333 and you share  a lot of the same interests as me :la: Naruto, Pokemon...Comashipping...and Sage Naruto...<3333
Your art style is really awesome and colourful <33 keep up the good work...I love your naruto and pokemon pics <3
(and thank you for the support you've given me with my group so far<333)
Naruto: The difference between... by Vulpixi-Misa
:iconyuukihanabusa: Yuuki <333 you're a really kind and sweet person and a very good and caring friend :3 :tighthug: I love talking to you <33333 (especially about anime XD_) and your art is really beautiful <3333
(especially your vampire knight pieces)
Hanabusa Aidou by yuukihanabusa
:iconshinatarou: You're a very sweet and friendly person :D ^-^ :3 I loved meeting you at sunnycon and was really happy to see you <333 even though I didn't talk very much <33 ^^;..
Your art is sooo cute and colourful :3 and your vocaloid covers on youtube are awesome <3
Enenenenene by shinatarou
:iconthegalleryofeve: you're such a lovely and sweet person and very kind <3333 and very friendly :3 I love talking to you <333 and your art is really cool ;3
EveStare by TheGalleryOfEve
you're really friendly, have a great sense of humour and are a really good friend :D and your photography is amazing :D
Glinting by 221B-aber
:iconxxpixieblossomxx: aka Yara-chan<333 you are a really lovely, kind, friendly and nice person <3333 :tighthug: and I'm really glad I met you here and that we're friends <3333 :iconminatosmileplz: and I love talking to you....and you're always there when I need you <33333 ^-^
Your art is amazing and looks really detailed :D ^^ and your colouring is awesome too...;3 I loved doing that sage mode collab with you <3333… :3 Keep on being awesome
Minato ^^ by XXpixieblossomXx
:icondominiquetaiga: Nikki-chan <333 you're a really lovely, kind and friendly person with an awesome sense of humour XD :3 :D.. ^^ I love talking to you here and you're really understanding and accepting :3 :D and you're there when I need you :tighthug: :3 (I love talking to you about anime...and Hakuuuuuuuuuuuuu XD) Your drawing style is really cute :3 and your cosplays are awesome too <333
Filthy! by DominiqueTaiga
(If I've forgotten anyone..I'm really sorry ;w;...^^')
and thank you so much to all my friends in rl..
:iconotakurhi: :icondanman20000100: :iconfireman5: :iconammosick: :iconomegajx895: :iconcillverne: :3 :iconzander-the-artist:
and everyone else who doesn't have d.a.... You guys are all awesome <33 :tighthug: :D...Thank much <33 ^^ 
and Happy 14th Birthday Deviantart :iconballoonplz: :3 :la: 
(lol this is probably one of the longest journal entries I've ever wrote ^^; ..phew...^^'XD)
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Misty's goodbye
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Anime
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: Pate and bread
  • Drinking: Tea
Sage Mode Collaboration With Fran48 by XXpixieblossomXx
I wanted to share this collaboration that I did with my dear friend Yara-chan :iconxxpixieblossomxx: of Jirayia, Naruto and Minato in sage mode <333 :D :love:
(Please check out Yara-chan's art is amazing :iconxxpixieblossomxx: :D <3333 :iconminatosmile2plz: :iconnaruto-thumbsupplz:
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Misty's goodbye
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Anime
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: Pate and bread
  • Drinking: Tea
I was tagged by the awesome :iconstrokeofserendipity:
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5 things about me:
1. My favourite colour is pink
2. I have many favourite anime characters  :iconpaulsmileplz: :iconreggiepokemonplz:, :iconminatosmileplz::iconsenninnarutoplz: :iconuraharaplz: :iconnicorobinplz: :iconportgasdaceplz: :iconyukicrossplz: :iconchampioncynthiaplz: :iconmistyplz: :iconashketchumplz: :iconpervybrockplz: :iconinfernapeplz: :iconzerokiryuplz: :icontoga-yaguriplz: , :iconkurosu-kaien: :iconichirukiryuplz: :iconerzascarletplz: :icongrayfullbusterplz: :iconpervylplz: :iconcielphantomhiveplz: :iconpervymakaplz: :iconrivalsilverplz: :iconcutejapanplz: :iconkonplz: :iconcuteblushliechplz: :iconpervysageplz:  :iconpervynagatoplz: :iconitachismileplz: :iconhaku-plz: :icontoshirohitsugayaplz: :iconutakataplz: :iconthirdhokageplz: :iconmayuriplz: :iconmoehinata-plz: :iconkushina-plz: :iconhatorisohmaplz: :iconkomamuraplz: :iconhisagiplz: :icontakuma-ichijo: :iconanko-plz:  :icontobiramaplz: :iconsashabrausplz: :iconuryuplz:
3. I like going out for meals..;3
4. I am a self taught artist :3
5. I love reading fantasy books (like eragon and Harry potter) and manga

Questions <3
1. If you could pick any character to be your "husbando"/"waifu," who would you pick?
omg..this is so hard ;w;...I love loads of characters I would consider to be my "husbando"/"waifu..XD I'd probably go for Paul/ he was my first favourite anime character ever <33333333333 :D...
2. If you could live in any fictional universe what/where would you pick?
Mmmm good question...maybe the naruto, pokemon or bleach universe....;3...or the harry potter universe :3...:D...
3. What foreign language would you like to know/learn?
Japanese <333
4. If you could travel anywhere where would you go and who would your bring (person can be real or fictional)?
Japan or Egypt...and Idk...probably my family :3...:D
5. Would you be a superhero or a villain and what would your power(s) be?
Superhero....and invisibilty....and maybe fire or ice abilities..;3..:D

lol I tag anyone who wants to do this XD
My questions for anyone who wants to do this <3
1. If you could spend a day with 10 of your fav fictional characters...who would you spend a day with ;3?
2. Best thing that's ever happened to you?;3
3. Favourite anime scenes?(this can be a huge list XD I don't mind)
4. Do you read books? If yes,what are your favs?
5. Favourite thing to draw
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Various songs XD
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Naruto shippuden
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: Pasty and Veg and cheesecake
  • Drinking: Tea
Yes I'm back :la: :3 <333 I missed using my computer to send messages when I used my tablet..I found it often repeated stuff or misinterpreted things and it was hard to edit text with;w; .but it did mean I could keep in touch with you guys while I was away...:la:..and thanks to it, I've been able to work on a new crossover fanfic...;3
and I had a really nice time there with my family..the only bad things were that there were a few rainy days (there wasn't much to do there when it rained...(last monday was was hail-stoning too..).. my brother was VERY annoying ...and the furniture didn't have pillows..
But it was fun...I'd never visited that area of scotland before...(Castle Douglas) 
We stayed in a cottage on a farm called 'The Hass' which was isolated from other cottages...but it was really nice..and quiet :)...and you could see cows from the windows...:) ...It was in Auchencairn (which wasn't too far from castle douglas and dalbeatie..; we could visit those places easily) 
The Hass..Auchencairn by Fran48
Mountainous view at the hass.. by Fran48
 ((XD it was a get there though...we had to drive down a very long road...pass a couple of farms (one of them really muddy XD...and sometimes the gates would be shut in the second one as cows had to get across the road XD!)
then we continued along the over a cattle grid...passed a house....went down another road, (which was surrounded by grass...but it let us see the Hass in the distance)...continued down a really forestry road...(which was really hard to get through...and didn't seem to be designed as a road...^^; time we actually got stuck because a lorry wanted to go the other way! ) and then went down a downward path...which finally lead us to the HASS!!! :la: XD))

Despite this.. it was still awesome...we visited a lot of different places 

We visited a place called Kirkcudbright (known as the artists' town..) where we saw a couple of interesting statues
Metal statues in Kirkcudbright by Fran48
Stone statues in Kirkcudbright by Fran48
..and had a walk..;3 we also got to look at a small gallery there ;3

We visited a place in Galloway for animals (I think it was a conservation centre) and although the animals weren't kept in their cages very securely and escaped easily! (especially the naughty meerkats that decided to scare the other animals...including an innocent rabbit ;w;..) and it was very was fun ;3 :D and yes...there was a porcupine there...up a tree..!!
The evil Meerkats XD by Fran48
Porcupine up a tree XD by Fran48

We also visited a park in Auchencairn ..which had a beautiful garden and river ;3
River and Bridge at Auchencairn park :) by Fran48
We also visited an RSPB centre and walked along its beach..which was magnificent...but it was very blustery...^^' We also visited other beaches...but I didn't like them as much as the RSPB one <3
RSPB centre beach view :) by Fran48
We visited Fleet on the mill...which was a really nice place nice that we visited it three times in total XD ^-^
There were a few shops there, a mill...which was a museum...and bookshop...AND a cafe...(which I must say did a very filling and delicious ploughman's lunch with three cheese :icondroolplz:...) and had woodland walks too ;3...
and..really nice ice creams <3333 :D ...The Mill....on the fleet.. by Fran48
We visited Caerlaverock wetlands centre...Living in Sunderland (UK), I go to the Washington wetlands centre…  a lot and as it was the same company that ran Caerlaverock, we all fancied going there to see what it was like was awesome...and the staff there were really welcoming...we actually got to see a bird feeding its chicks...a tits....cynets, ducks, swans, butterflies...dragonflies....and some sheep..<333 :D...;3...We also got to go into a viewing tower building
Viewing tower by Fran48
and a couple of really big of them I really loved and extremely comfortable sitting in there all day!! XD...
At the end of our visit we got Ice creams..:la: and I bought a really nice bag there too...<3333
I would have to say that of all the time we spent in Scotland for those two weeks...The visits to Caerlaverock and Fleet on the mill were my favourites <33
Swan and Cygnet :3 by Fran48
Random Ducks XD by Fran48
Chicks in nest by Fran48
Dragonfly :) by Fran48
We also visited a town called Lockerbie..where there were random statues of sheep...XD
Lockerbie..Sheep XD by Fran48
We also looked around some castle grounds and went for a walk around a woodland area there..;3...but it was raining so we didn't do much there ^^' But there was a garden there and beautiful flowers too <3
Castle... by Fran48
Flower garden :3 by Fran48
and We also visited a garden which had seperate gardens within it;3 We also got to see a Robin, butterflies...and A BAT..IN DAYLIGHT..!!! It was randomly flying around my dad managed to record it flying ^^;...but it wouldn't stay still for a pic ^^;
Robin looking at plant by Fran48
Butterfly on plant XD by Fran48
Red flowers by Fran48
There were also fish and cacti there too XD
Cacti by Fran48

Also, when it was raining we went to a swimming pool...(which was really nice..because we'd not been to one in ages..^^' ) and played table tennis <333 :D..I don't really enjoy sport..but I actually enjoy those two (especially when I can do them with my there's no pressure to win or lose...)
and I just hope because of these sporty activities and walking..I've lost at least some weight..:iconcryforeverplz: ;w;..:pray:

We also watched some films together XD....including The lego movie.,..(lol almost everyone in the family was singing 'Everything is awesome' after we'd seen it...which irritated dad xD....) the two hobbit films....this film called inception...(which was a bit strange...^^'...the characters put people into dreams and used information from them from their dreams...) and this really odd documentary/film called 'Troll hunter'...(lol when I heard about it..I thought about the troll face :icontrollfaceplz: XD but it was really strange...and it was supposed to be real but the trolls look computer generated...XD...and the same thing happened with the trolls over and over

It was funny though...
lol I wonder what would happen if someone did hunt :icontrollfaceplz:s XD
I also worked on some pieces of art while I was away and as I mentioned before...a new fanfic XD :3
The art pieces are traditional pieces, pieces I did on my tablet and art academy art <3333

Oh and btw..I have some good all of you who didn't grandma's out of hospital now :la:...yay
(and it's her birthday tomorrow too :3 )
.. Honestly though...she is really glad to be out of there.....the hospital were really useless...and not helpful at all...I mean they put her on a dementia ward....and they actually did a dementia test on her :iconfumingplz:....(when she's all there mentally..DX) and they didn't pay attention to what she can and can't eat...><...and she's still having problems walking....and she caught a bug that a patient brought in with them....><...

...but at least she's out....:la: :D.and I think she's recovering from the bug...and I get to see her tomorrow...<333 Sorry about my rant there..^^'...
anyway.. I want to say a big thank you to all those people here for their concerns and wishes..and thoughts....I really think they've helped a lot..:tighthug:
:D...sorry this entry is so long ^^'


Frances :3
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United Kingdom
Hello there, My name is Frances, I am an ICT student who is currently working on the second year of a Level 3 ICT course and a Manga artist who loves Anime and Manga. I am from Sunderland, in the UK. I draw traditional and digital manga style artwork and fanart. The majority of my digital artwork is created using Microsoft Paint. I also am a great Harry Potter fan!! Ask me anything about Harry Potter and I will probably know the answer.^^;
I have my own doushinji 'Post Sinnoh'… which is based on the Pokemon anime and includes many characters from it:3 Post Sinnoh - Pokemon Fancomic by Vulpixi-Stamps(stamp by :iconvulpixi-stamps:)
Please also check out my group :iconashsinfernapefans:- which is a group dedicated to Ash's Infernape :3
I also have my own Naruto fanfiction series , please feel free to check it out ^^…
Art Materials I use:3 MS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishy Stamp - Tablet User by firstfearPen + Paper Stamp by Mirz123I use dA MURO by MixedMilkChOcOlate

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Thank you:)
If you don't have anything pleasant to say, please don't comment-unless it's constructive criticism.
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:happybounce: I have my own support stamp I Support Fran48 Stamp by psychotara (made by :iconpsychotara: :3,again thank you very much ^-^

My favourite anime characters are <333
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Devious Info
Current Residence: Sunderland, UK
Favourite genre of music: Game Music, Anime Music, Pop, Classical, Rock(To be honest I like pretty much any kind of music ^^ )
Favourite style of art: Anime and Manga Fanart
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite colour: Light pink
Personal Quotes: Challenge those who are Capable, Thingy, and Contributing Factor!

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