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Pokeshipping Poster by XGBlue
by XGBlue

:) I have one word to describe this motivational poster - Adorable:3 :iconsokawaiiplz: I love how Ash and Misty were drawn..they may be Pikachu's in thi...

Welcome to DeviantART World by MacDoninri

Wow... This is an amazing piece of is extremely well detailed and impressive to look at. It is similar to 'Where's Wally' boo...

Fairy Tail Guild by LTrevill

This is my first critique so I hope its OK ^-^ Firstly, all the characters are very well detailed and it is very well drawn. It's very ...


These artists are awesome! Have a look at their work!^^


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Visoreds finished drawing :) by Fran48
Visoreds finished drawing :)
My Completed Visoreds drawing :) wow..It took me ages to complete...But it feels it was worth it ^^; :D I drew it in mechanical pencil, outlined it in fine liner, and coloured it using watercolour pencils ;3 
WIPS of it
wip 2…
wip 3…
wip 5…
wip 6…
wip 7…
wip 8…

Haku- I have failed you Master Zabuza by Fran48
Haku- I have failed you Master Zabuza

Haku from Naruto :) I drew him with a mechanical pencil, outlined him in fine liner and coloured him with watercolour pencils ;3

Naruto Uzumaki-Seventh hokage by Fran48
Naruto Uzumaki-Seventh hokage

Seventh hokage Naruto- I drew him in mechanical pencil, outlined him in fine liner and coloured him with watercolour pencils ;3

Renji :3 by Fran48
Renji :3

Fanart of my oc Renji :) I drew him in mechanical pencil, outlined him in fine liner and coloured him with watercolour pencils :)

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Yeah sorry for not being able to answer messages for a few days...I wasn't able to log in..again ;w;..:(
I think it's rather odd though..TWICE IN a row..I mean that time before I went on holiday, it was exactly the same problem!!!
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  • Watching: Naruto shippuden and D gray man
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I've gotten a lot of good questions for the q and a journal ^^ :D (Big Grin)
Thank you to everyone who asked me :) (Smile) feel free to ask me more if you think of anymore, I'll be happy to answer them and add them to the journal below :) (Smile)
 Okay...lets start :) (Smile) :icondeterminationplz: XD
What college do you go to and your course? Is college super hard?
what do you think of college?
(I put these questions together as they were quite similar and I think I can cover them in one section of the journal :) (Smile))
I go to Washington College which is a campus that is part of Sunderland college :) (Smile) and I'm going to be starting the second year of my HND course in september-HND (Higher National diploma) Computing and systems development :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) 
Depending on what course you take, College may vary in hardness as there are different levels of course :) (Smile) For me, It can be hard at times as it's quite high level degree level work i'm doing..The course itself consists of both written work and practicals :) (Smile) The written work itself isn't too hard for me to do (in fact as wierd as it sounds XD I actually like doing the written work XD) but I do find the practicals quite hard but then I'm not very good at practical work XD..Sweating a little...
I think the hardest aspect of the course is managing to keep to deadlines as the course I'm on as they can be quite close (especially near the end of the course).
As to what do I think of college..Well...I love it :) (Smile) (despite the large amount of work involved) ^^ It's much much better than school....The environment is much more mature than school (with the exception of a few idiots who came to college just for the 'banter' yeah...someone actually said that lol) People don't talk down to me as they did in secondary school, The atmosphere is very laid back and I get days off or go in for half days :) (Smile) In addition (and most importantly to me) I get work that I'm capable of doing but isn't overly easy (unlike with the work I was given in secondary school)..and the lecturers there are happy to give advice with different aspects and are very friendly :) (Smile)
your fave book?
My favourite book...? :) (Smile)..Mmm..I love the harry potter series, eragon and manga books but I have to say I loved Harry Potter and the prisoner of askaban the best :D (Big Grin)
I also love Little women…
Very first anime and video game? 
My very first anime was Pokemon diamond and pearl :D (Big Grin) My first video game ..Well I played computer games when I was little which were mainly educational XD but I think my first one I can remember when I started playing them when I became an anime nerd XD..was pokemon pearl :) (Smile)
What are your favorite anime? ^^
Favorite anime series other than Naruto?
(I put these two questions together as I'll probably cover the same things in both XD)
I love a lot of different anime...and believe it or not LOL :iconbelieveitplz:..I wasn't always into Naruto XD
I love Naruto and Naruto shippuden (Obviously XD), Pokemon, (especially dp), Bleach, One piece, Vampire knight, Vampire Knight guilty, Fairy tail, soul eater, death note, free iwatobi swim club, free eternal summer, kill la kill, attack on titan, junjou romantica, hetalia axis powers, fruits basket, black butler, k-on, lucky star, melanchony of haruhi suzamiya, spiral, black blood brothers(and just started watching d gray man)
What motivates you to draw?
Music helps me to generate new ideas for drawing, as does watching new animes or animes I enjoy generally. I also get motivated by things that happen to me or new things I'm shown :) (Smile)..I also get motivated by my active watchers and their encouragement- not to mention a lot of art here and other places online :) (Smile). My main motivator with art, however is the fact that it's gotten to the stage with it that it's become an obsession and I generally love doing it :D (Big Grin)
How did you come up with your OC designs?
Mmm..well for Renji, I got aspects of his hairstyle and his glasses from Uryu Ishida from Bleach
:iconuryuplz: and Cheren from pokemon :iconcherenplz: and got influence for the fringe bit of his hair from Minato-sama :iconminatosmileplz:
as for his outfit, I don't know what inspired me with that xD (I think it may have been inspired from this grey top I was wearing with black bits down the side which I thought would look good for Renji to wear but with a different colour scheme) Renji's personality has a lot of my traits in it and his backstory (which is yet to be revealed) I plan to base on my own experiences..;3
 as for Kakiyama..I got aspects of his personality (pervertedness XD) and his hairstyle (except from the colour ) from when he was younger from Jirayia 
:iconpervysageplz:  XDD
As for the Kimono..I don't know..XDD...I thought it would look cool ;3 :) (Smile)
What's your favourite anime opening/ending?
Mmm...I like a lot :) (Smile)
I quite like D gray man's opening (I've just recently started watching it)

I also like Most of the naruto shippuden openings :) (Smile)
Black blood brothers opening-Ashita

Free iwatobi swim club opening

attack on titan opening 
Ranbu no melody from bleach

Wake up one piece

One day one piece

I like black night town from Naruto shippuden 

Suna no oshiro- Vampire knight guilty

Free iwatobi swim club ending

kill la kill's ending

fairy tail's first ending 

Hare Hare yukai- damn I'd really love to learn that dance XD

J-Pop? K-Pop??
I love both of them ;D :) (Smile) I love hearing songs from the seiyuus of anime characters- i.e Junko Takeuchi, Rica Matsumoto, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Tetsuya Kakihara (and many more) and Man with a mission :D (Big Grin)...omg they are just awesome ;3

but I also love Shinee..;3

Do you like anime soundtracks?
If so, what's your favourite?? 

I do like anime soundtracks and I quite like the naruto and pokemon ones though bleach's is good as well :) (Smile)
favorite anime character in any anime 
My favourite anime characters are <333
:iconpaulsmileplz: :iconreggiepokemonplz::iconminatosmileplz::iconsenninnarutoplz: :iconuraharaplz: :iconnicorobinplz: :iconportgasdaceplz: :iconyukicrossplz: :iconchampioncynthiaplz: :iconmistyplz: :iconashketchumplz: :iconpervybrockplz: :iconinfernapeplz: :iconzerokiryuplz: :icontoga-yaguriplz: , :iconkurosu-kaien: :iconichirukiryuplz: :iconerzascarletplz: :icongrayfullbusterplz: :iconpervylplz: :iconcielphantomhiveplz: :iconpervymakaplz: :iconrivalsilverplz: :iconcutejapanplz: :iconkonplz: :iconcuteblushliechplz: :iconpervysageplz: :iconpervynagatoplz: :iconitachismileplz: :iconhaku-plz: :icontoshirohitsugayaplz: :iconutakataplz: :iconthirdhokageplz: :iconmayuriplz: :iconmoehinata-plz: :iconkushina-plz: :iconhatorisohmaplz: :iconkomamuraplz: :iconhisagiplz: :icontakuma-ichijo: :iconanko-plz: :icontobiramaplz: :iconsashabrausplz: :iconuryuplz: :iconklk27plz: :iconulquiorraplz: naruto gif  Sarada Uchiha by dottypurrsnaruto gif  himawari by dottypurrs
But what animecharacter is most similar to you?
...Very good question..I have been told I'm quite like Oriheme from bleach...but personally I think I'm more like Kushina uzumaki ^^'..:iconkushinablushsmileplz: :iconangrykushinaplz:....especially when I'm angry Sweating a little... :iconeh-whatplz:
Also do you like sports and do you have any other hobbies beside drawing??
I'm not really into sports ...I don't mind playing table tennis but I'm not at all into sport, unlike the rest of my family :) (Smile) 
Well..I like ICT (computers) and sometimes like making HTML based web pages, I love musical theatre and musicals, I was part of a drama club which has sadly now folded, when I was younger I used to do ballet, tap dancing and modern dancing, I love writing, watching anime XD, watching bargain hunt, occasionally going shopping (not food shopping or in sports direct though...I hate sports direct. :iconmiseryplz:.), writing fanfictions, taking photos, going out for meals, going to washington wild fowl center, singing (I have singing lessons usually once a week), acting, theatre, I love watching films and love disney things too...reading (sometimes) and also love spending time with my family :) (Smile)
Who inspired you to join deviantart? :) (Smile) 
What do you think of naruto ' s hair cut? :D (Big Grin)
I know a lot of people dislike it and at first when I saw the trailer for the last....I didn't really believe it was real and didn't want to...DX
but after reading Naruto gaiden, and seeing Naruto being his usual silly and badass self XD


Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage ~ 8Narutonishi-tyan:

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage ~ 8Naruto<3333
, seeing it all around the internet and fanart of it, I got used to it and it grew on me, so now I don't really mind it :) (Smile)
(Not to mention I live with boys who have short hair like that so the hairstyle didn't shock me that much..although Naruto's is spikier than theirs..XD)
What was the sole reason of you wanting to be an artist?C:
During the time I took up drawing, the school I was at didn't acknowledge what I was capable of and I was really depressed and down because of I suppose I started drawing to attempt to make myself feel more confident and also prove the stupid school wrong and show them that when I stuck down I could do something..but also I was put on an art course (as the school didn't want me to be off and I didn't want to do duke of edinburgh which I hated and got really upset over the last time I did it) so I started drawing to improve for that course (ultimately the teacher didn't approve of my art style (nor acknowledge my improvement during the course ) and I ended up with an e :iconmiseryplz:
What is your favorite drawing program and why? 
:) Well I use Microsoft paint for most of my digital art, so I would have to say that's my favourite :) I like using it because it is pretty simple to use, I use it to make all kinds of things such as manga/comic pages :) gif images, fanart, animated gifs, pixelated images, art of my ocs, and more :) It's also easier for my computer system to handle as it doesn't take up too much memory or use up too much bandwidth when it is opening or is open unlike Photoshop or more expensive art creation programs ^^'
What are u'r plans for the future? 
Mmmm..well I would like to get a job that I enjoy (in computers hopefully) and to finish off my HND course..I may go to uni (as I can for a top up degree)...I really haven't decided yet..I have to make that decision this year :) In terms of art, I'm going to continue drawing anime/manga style and continue my post sinnoh manga :) I may try using different digital software to create my art (as has been suggested by a few people..) ;3 not sure yet...
If u can go in the past what would u change ?
A lot of things..I've done a lot of stupid things that I really regret, even now that I'm in my 20s...I would stop my younger self from lashing out at people, I would persuade my parents not to make me go to the school I went to (I learned NOTHING there at all...), mmm and I would also make my younger self be more assertive with people as thanks to my over politeness and inability to want to offend people, I've ended up getting worked up over being handed things I didn't want to have to do...
what's your fave digimon and fave pokemon?
In terms of digimon, I think I like terriermon and Lillymon,
as for favourite pokemon, I love Infernape (especially ash's)

Milotic, Combusken, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Chikorita
What is your favorite Videogame Console?
I would say wii or 3DS xl
Who inspired you to join deviantart? 
My friend in rl :icondanman20000100: aka Daniel told me about the site and I wasn't too sure about joining having heard bad stuff about social media sites like facebook, but I checked it out and finally decided to join :)
:D again thank you for your questions :iconmakotosmileplz: ^^ and again if you have any more, feel free to ask :D Thank you for reading this :iconnaruto-thumbsupplz: :iconletmehugyouplz:
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I was thinking about making a question and answer journal yet again since I have more watchers since last time :)
-My previous q and a journals
Question and answer journal :)I've gotten really good questions so far for the q and a :) ^^ :la: :D ^^ If anyone wants to ask me anymore, feel free to ask me here  :)Going to do a question and answer journal x3
Okay, lets get started...
How did you get started on da?
How did you find DA?

The answer to these two questions is actually pretty much the same :) :D My friend Daniel told me about it :icondanman20000100: and told me how awesome it is here :3 :) , so I went online, and checked it out. After lots of debating with myself, I finally decided to make an account and I've never looked back XD :la:
Fran-chan what other animes do you like?(apart from naruto)
You'd be surprised that when I first joined this site, I actually wasn't a naruto fan and had no interest in it...pokemon was my main fandom XD 
I like a lot of animes aside from prepared for a very...long...l
Question and answer journalHere it is at last..My question and answer journal ^w^ I must say, the questions I've gotten so far, are pretty awesome <33
Q. What is your goal as an artist?

A.  Good question:) I've never really thought about it be honest :iconkushina-sorryplz:..I suppose...My goal as an artist would be to become a great mangaka and prove myself to others in rl who doubt my abilities (for certain reasons>-<)... through my art....:icondeterminationplz: 
Q. Who's your Art Idol that helped inspire your Art style?
A. ..Well I love a lot of Mangakas styles ^^. I love Ken Sugimori's pokemon art style, Matsuri Hino(Vampire Knight :iconcutieyuukiplz: ), Miho Obana, Masashi Kishimoto :iconnarutouzumakiplz:   and Marc Crilley's styles in particular:). From a young age I've always loved Vincent Van Gogh's sunflower Painting ^-^ so I guess you could say he was an idol too ^-^ 
Q. What do you prefer...Manga
Q and A and artist features:bulletgreen: What inspires to you draw something new?
...That's a good question ^^. If I see something new that particularly captures my interest, like a new anime for example. It also depends on how I feel on whether I feel motivated to draw something new ^^;
:bulletgreen: When did u first start drawing?
^^ Well, I started drawing as a child as I was encouraged to draw during most of my early education...but I didn't decide to draw seriously until three years ago when I was 16 and got into anime and manga:3
:bulletgreen: Do you have any other favorite voice actors other than Vic Mignogna?
...erm...Veronica taylor, Rica matsumoto, Tetsuya kakihara, Morikawa Toshiyuki( oh my gosh I love him as Minato ^^)...I think that's it
:bulletgreen: If you could voice act in an anime, which would it be? (Not Pokemon)
....erm.....If they did a next series of vampire knight, I would be honoured to voice any of the characters:3
Naruto Shippuden..... ^^ ..If another series of fruits basket was aired,
Question and answer journal :DBEHOLD MY RECENT QUESTION AND ANSWER JOURNAL *insert drum roll here XDDDD*
Question: what plans  do u  have  in the  near feature ?(In terms of both college and art)
Answer: :iconmoesmileplz: well... At the moment I'm working on a 2 year level 3 BTEC ICT (computer course) at college(which will be sadly finishing this year- I have really loved doing it September I'm going to go and do a HND course in computing and systems development- which is a level 4/5 course...(which like the level 3 BTEC, is a 2 year course-but is also classed as a uni course) it's also more techical than the course I'm currently on...but that should make it more interesting :3 and at the end of the two years, I'll be able to do a third year at uni..if I want to :iconkushina-sorryplz:
In terms of my art...I'm planning to do more of my post sinnoh fan manga

Just a reminder (especially for those of you who haven't done this before) of what it entails..
You can ask me any kinds of questions (within reason) and you can ask me as many things as you want :D :) ^^ :la: :)
-PLEASE..ask questions in this journal ;3  Arrow (Down)

Thank you :3 
Edit: PS- am probably going to upload the actual journal at the end of this weekend so that people can have time to ask more questions..but once the journal is up, you can still ask me questions :)
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I was tagged by the awesome :iconpromisecoconut15: :)
1. You have to post the rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people.
5. Go to their page to inform them that they are tagged. 
6. Not something like “you are tagged if you read that." 
7. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
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10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENT. Unless you are commenting about the actual entry.
11. Be creative with the title. No " I got tagged" (I think mine is awesome)
P.S. Ignore Rules #6,8,10 and 11. 
If you're tagged, you are not required to do if you don't want to. Sweating a little...

13 Things about me.
1. I use microsoft paint to draw my artwork
2. I am an anime nerd
3. I am an ICT nerd XD
4. I taught myself to draw
5. I hate maths
6. I am hard working
7. I am from Sunderland in the UK
8. I have a pet peeve with Apostrophes (I find it annoying when people use them unnecessarily)
9. Pokemon dp was my first anime and Vampire knight was my first manga
10. I hate shipping wars and people hating on people just because they like certain things 
11. I'm female
12. I am a student
13. I feel like I'm pretty much always hungry lol

1. Do you like waffles?

2. Favorite book?
Mmmm..I love the harry potter and Eragon series ;3..I also love manga :)
3. Favorite childhood show?
well these are the programs I remember from my youth  Do you remember these kids shows..?These are intros to shows I used to watch on telly and video(the ones that we had on video were usually ones that were before the 1990s )  as a kid...:3 (I tried to get as many as the openings as I could but youtube didn't have them all... ^^;...and some of these below are episodes ^^'..)
I also watched a show called Mecha-nick XDDD ;3 and watched videos called Wiz waz's world of 123 and ABC..;3 any of you guys recognize any of these or did any of you watch these too? :3..
If not...what did you watch when you were a kid?;3...

but I think my favourites were The tweenies, fun song factory, the wiggles, tots tv, rosie and jim, bear in the big blue house, magic key, fireman sam, basil brush show, bodger and badger, ripley and scuff, ;3 probably more lol, XD..anything with dave benson phillips in..(My mam told me I was obsessed with his videos when I was younger XD)…
Sorry people who expected me to say sailor moon or pokemon..XDD ..I didn't know about them then even though I grew up when they were airing..;3
4. Do you have a job?
5. Earth,Unicorn, Pegasus, or Alicorn ponies? 
..I don't know..probably pegasus
6. Pokemon or Digimon... or BOTH? :D (Big Grin)
I like both but I watch and play pokemon more so I have to say pokemon ;3
7. Childhood crush?
Mmm...don't think I had one as I wasn't that interested in people in that way.. ^^'
8. "Do you believe in magic?" 
.....I wish...I used to though ;3
9. What is your view on cockroaches? 
They don't bother me...
10. What would you do if the zombie apocalypse began as you read this...?
11. Are you an only child?
Nope..I have two younger brothers..Dx ;0 one of them is okay (but never talks to me) and the other one can be ok one minute and then be totally unreasonable and wierd..
12. Heard of him?…
Have heard of him but don't know much about him
13. How about this beauty? [link]
haha..^^;; no..
1. What did you grow up watching?
2. Favourite colour
3. 10 favourite shippings?
4. Do you like cosplay (if yes, name your favourite cosplayers)
5. Who are your idols here on da? 
6. What things irritate you?
7. Favourite bands?
8. Favourite anime characters?
9. Happiest memory?
10. Wierdest memory?
11. Favourite thing to draw?
12. Hardest thing you've had to do?
13. Favourite songs?
I tag anyone who wants to do this ;3


Frances :3 <3
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello there, My name is Frances, I am an ICT student who is currently working on a HND Computing and systems development course and a Manga artist who loves Anime and Manga. I am from Sunderland, in the UK. I draw traditional and digital manga style artwork and fanart. The majority of my digital artwork is created using Microsoft Paint. I also am a great Harry Potter fan!! Ask me anything about Harry Potter and I will probably know the answer.^^;
I have my own doushinji 'Post Sinnoh'… which is based on the Pokemon anime and includes many characters from it:3 Post Sinnoh - Pokemon Fancomic by Vulpixi-Stamps(stamp by :iconvulpixi-stamps:)
Please also check out my group :iconashsinfernapefans:- which is a group dedicated to Ash's Infernape :3
Art Materials I use:3 MS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishy Stamp - Tablet User by firstfearPen + Paper Stamp by Mirz123I use dA MURO by MixedMilkChOcOlate

D.A preferences and info dA art appreciation stamp by Trent7Just wait. by SharkfuI watch people because... by medli20Go Ahead, Thank Me by jocund-slumberI won't whine  . . . by ZydenRead Comments by LumiResources

Favorite Stamp by Ravechu (So If I don't comment on your art, that's probably why ^^;)

If you ask me for any piece of art, please take into consideration what I will and won't…
Here are all of the sites other than deviantart that I'm on currently… so feel free to follow me on any of those :iconminatosmile2plz:
Criticism by number03
If you bluntly comment on my art or are rude to me- I WILL block you. I will respect any constructive critism on how I can improve my art, however.
Thank you:)
If you don't have anything pleasant to say, please don't comment-unless it's constructive criticism.
Random info about me :XD: Videogame Music Stamp by RiniUsagiToSLove Tea Makes Everything Better by delusional-dreams I Love Writing Stamp by Mirz123teddy stamp by findyQBlue Eyes Stamp by ehrehrereI love TEA stamp by RRRAII love the rain V2 by ohhperttylightsI Love Strawberries Stamp by AnnorthaI Love Chocolate by SophibellefanART stamp by minas-stampsI_love_manga-stamp by kluska-chanBy Me, for Me by savagebinnBritish Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI love sweets - stamp by candysoresFanart stamp by katthekatEngland by 3-Doors-DownNo FB by GodOfBadWeatherGirly by black-cat16-stampsgirl gamers stamp by thechaosprojectChocolate stamp by KleepaaSarcastic Stamp by PixieDust0112th Birthday by prosaixGemini Stamp by sxhiArt Geek Stamp by xoxostudiosI draw backgrounds stamp by charlot-sweetieStamp - Cheese Lover by firstfearStamp: I heart making stamps by Roxy317Curly hair stamp by KittyGreenEyes087 - Food by clumsyrebelI don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawSupport Education by SedmaI listen to music while i draw by Tontora
:happybounce: I have my own support stamp I Support Fran48 Stamp by psychotara (made by :iconpsychotara: :3,again thank you very much ^-^

My favourite anime characters are <333
:iconpaulsmileplz: :iconreggiepokemonplz:, :iconminatosmileplz::iconsenninnarutoplz: :iconuraharaplz: :iconnicorobinplz: :iconportgasdaceplz: :iconyukicrossplz: :iconchampioncynthiaplz: :iconmistyplz: :iconashketchumplz: :iconpervybrockplz: :iconinfernapeplz: :iconzerokiryuplz: :icontoga-yaguriplz: , :iconkurosu-kaien: :iconichirukiryuplz: :iconerzascarletplz: :icongrayfullbusterplz: :iconpervylplz: :iconcielphantomhiveplz: :iconpervymakaplz: :iconrivalsilverplz: :iconcutejapanplz: :iconkonplz: :iconcuteblushliechplz: :iconpervysageplz: :iconpervynagatoplz: :iconitachismileplz: :iconhaku-plz: :icontoshirohitsugayaplz: :iconutakataplz: :iconthirdhokageplz: :iconmayuriplz: :iconmoehinata-plz: :iconkushina-plz: :iconhatorisohmaplz: :iconkomamuraplz: :iconhisagiplz: :icontakuma-ichijo: :iconanko-plz: :icontobiramaplz: :iconsashabrausplz: :iconuryuplz: :iconklk27plz: :iconulquiorraplz: naruto gif  Sarada Uchiha by dottypurrsnaruto gif  himawari by dottypurrs

Favourite Disney characters :iconelsaplz: :iconsimbaplz:
Favourite Legend of Avatar Character :icontophbeifongplz:

Devious Info
Current Residence: Sunderland, UK
Favourite genre of music: Game Music, Anime Music, Pop, Classical, Rock(To be honest I like pretty much any kind of music ^^ )
Favourite style of art: Anime and Manga Fanart
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite colour: Light pink
Personal Quotes: Challenge those who are Capable, Thingy, and Contributing Factor!

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